Key Features

Improved User Interface

Version 9.5 of LAMUM features a brand-new user interface, designed to allow for a more intuitive user experience while enhancing LAMUM’s current functionality.

Interactive 3D Graphs

LAMUM 9.5 includes a host of interactive and 3D graphs for robust reporting and analysis of historical usage, heatmaps, denial history and user activity, as well as multi-feature activity graphs and combined feature graphs.

New Groups Functionality

Groups allow for projects and teams to be viewed and analyzed holistically. In addition to supporting grouping by Usernames and Machine Names, new functionality also allows for easier group chargebacks and cost allocations.

Security Upgrades &
Bug Fixes

LAMUM 9.5 includes key security upgrades and bug fixes, including the removal of the Log 4J, as well as a critical Apache patch.

View the full LAMUM 9.5 Release Notes here.

Data & Trend Visualization