Flexlm license usage monitoring with License Asset Manager - LAMUM- FlexNet License Tracking & Monitoring for Engineering Applications

Monitor usage and inventory by:

  • Type, discipline and/or location
  • Vendor and/or cost
  • License server or server administrator
  • Responsible person
  • User or Group



"Excellent tool for Flexlm usage monitoring."


FlexNet License Usage Monitoring & Reporting

License Asset Manager with Usage Monitoring (LAMUM). Designed for Engineering Software.

LAMUM is a comprehensive software asset management tool for consolidating all engineering software products, licenses, and vendor information while providing complete current and historical usage information. Monitors FlexNet licenses (formerly FlexLM), Sentinel, Reprise, LUM, DSLS, and Altium. LAMUM is the only integrated software license tracking and asset management solution on the market. Unlike other license management software, LAMUM is complete, easy to use and intuitive.

Key Features

  • Use any browser type, and device including iPad
  • Expiration alerts sent automatically (via email) well before expiration
  • Generate inventory reports
  • Tag name makes user friendly identifier for Tool/Site/Server
  • Utilization metrics
  • Constant "check" on License service delivery
  • FlexNet/FlexLM license file reader/parser
  • Select only necessary features to monitor
  • Import features to be tracked in LAMUM
  • Validate features and quantity as per P.O.
  • Validate application version number in license file.
  • View PO details (with notes), Requisition, and "Approver"
  • Get renewal costs for any given Vendor and time period.  
  • Assess restriction mix and "remix" as needed
  • Usage graphics, pie-charts, and tables
  • Distribution graphics
  • Server status (real-time)
  • Threshold alerts
  • Server/daemon down alerts
  • Long-checkout alerts
  • Long-checkout Warning letter to User
  • Capacity-limit alerts

Key Benefits

  • Save 15-20% on annual license costs; proven ROI.
  • Eliminate 50% of unnecessary feature usage history and clutter.
  • Simplify all aspects of license management.
  • Monitor usage patterns and trends.
  • Create charge-back accounting reports.
  • Prevent license key shutdown.
  • Prepare for negotiations prior to vendor activity.
  • Reduce staff frustration.
  • Maintain & improve compliance.
  • Ensure continuous license availability.
  • Incorporate "best practices" methodology.
  • Be a better Manager of expensive company assets!

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Technical Specifications

Runs on Windows Server 2008 and above, on a physical server or VM.  All necessary components are included.  Complete Package is ~340MB.  Download and installation is less than one hour.  License key required.

For EDA users, LAM is preloaded with all Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys, Denali, Magma, Synplicity products and Corporate information.  For MDA Users, LAM is preloaded with Dassault, PTC, Ansys, Fluent, Abaqus, Altair, MSC products and Corporate information. 

Data import/export via Excel, and a FlexNet license file reader/parser is included.

TeamEDA's License Asset Manager is considered one of the best-in-class software license management tools.

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