Software License Tracking Database and more with License Asset Manager (LAMUM).

Features Checklist

Compare LAMUM's usage tracking and license monitoring features and reports to other systems. 

Asset Management:

  • Centralized, protected, and shared
  • Contract/Document Management
  • Contact Management
  • Inventory by Vendor
  • Inventory by Responsible Person
  • Inventory by Discipline
  • Inventory by Cost
  • Inventory by Expiration

Usage Monitoring:

  • FlexLM License file parsing
  • Monitor by Tool/Feature
  • Monitor all or only selected Features
  • 3D graphics
  • .jpg images (copy/paste, email,....)
  • Tables export to Excel
  • "Favorite" reports (Browser URL generated)
  • Current check-out Overview, color-coded
  • Current check-out by Tool/Feature
  • Current check-out by User
  • Historical Averages Overview, color-coded
  • # times at "max. checkout"
  • Total time at "max. checkout"
  • History by Tool/Feature
  • History by User
  • History by Group
  • Concurrency report (% at each level)
  • Heatmap report (24x7 usage patterns)
  • Denials
  • Groups
  • FlexLM/FlexNet support
  • LUM support
  • Reprise support
  • Sentinel support
  • Others on demand
  • Custom node-locked monitoring agent

Automatic alerts:

  • Long check-out alert
  • Long check-out Warning Letter
  • Near Capacity alert
  • At Capacity alert
  • Daemon-down alert
  • Expiration alert


  • Methodology "best practices" training
  • On-site implementation services
  • Windows Server support
  • Low Price
  • Superior Technical Support
  • Access to developers
  • Veteran, small business


Integrated FlexLM monitoring, FlexNet license usage tracking, along with Sentinel, Reprise, LUM.