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Helping engineering companies
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Becoming A Partner

Referral Partners

Work to promote and market TeamEDA’s products to companies using engineering software for design, simulation, modeling, and product data management from multiple vendors with multiple applications. Referral Partners receive a referral fee for opportunities referred to TeamEDA.

Value-Added Resellers

Channel partners with experience in our key industries, our Value-Added Resellers excel in consulting, selling, and supporting solutions in their markets. These partners are trusted advisors to their clients and work with TeamEDA to provide comprehensive solutions to their clients.

Partner Network

  • License Dashboard
  • Eracent
  • Canada: CAD MicroSolutions Inc.
  • Mexico: Global Computing
Middle East
  • Israel: Tenzor M.E.D.A. Ltd.
  • Egypt: United Egypt
Asia Pacific
  • South Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Phillippines): Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (Sdn.) Bhd.
  • Taiwan: Kaviaz Technology
  • China (Shanghai): Emdoor Electronic Technology
  • China (Shenzhen): BasiCAE
  • Korea (Seoul): New Link Technology
  • Korean (Gyeonggi): Delta ES Co. Ltd.
  • Japan: Tokyo Nano Farm