FlexLM License Monitoring in LAMUM

FlexLM is the most commonly used license checkout control daemon for shared, concurrent-use, or network-based applications in industry. Sharing licenses is a lot easier to administrate and cheaper than purchasing a multitude of node-locked or user-locked licenses. Shared licenses are typically LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network). WAN licenses are usually more expensive but cover a wider number of users than LAN licenses. WAN can be US, a specific country, or Global. LAN is typically a “site”, and is less expensive than WAN but more expensive than node-locked. FlexLM comes from a company called Flexera.

The Vendor of a shared software application contracts with Flexera to use the FlexLM license-control daemon to control access to their application. A customer purchases from the Vendor a specific number of concurrent-use seats (licenses). The FlexLM daemon is then mounted on a specific license server (port@host). The daemon name, port@host, authorized license count, and expiration date is specified in the Vendor license file. The Vendor creates the license file and sends it to their Customer. The Customer installs it on their license server. The users are now able to access the application licenses up to the limit purchased.

The license file is rather cryptic to the untrained person. The license file sets up and starts the daemon. The daemon monitors checkouts (User ID, checkout time, checkin time,….) up the limit purchased, ala a library of books. Once all the “books” are all checked out, a “Denial” occurs, and the user will have to wait until a license is available.

The FlexLM daemon keeps real-time status of Users, checkouts and checkins. The command “lmstat” recalls the current status of licenses at a given port@host, at that moment. Denials are captured in the Flex Debug Logs, a separate file that records all information about daemon and license checkout activity, including what is in the lmstat. LAMUM runs the lmstat command every 10 minutes (user configurable). Lmstat enables the Current Reports in LAMUM. The Debug Logs provide the data for the Denial reports.

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FlexLM license monitoring