FlexNet Manager vs. TeamEDA's LAMUM

Compare what you get with License Asset Manager (LAMUM) that you don't get with FlexNet Manager:

  • Check-out/check-in reports based on “selected features” (features that are relevant to the.  Product, and can be used to make Product decisions. Reduces data clutter 50%).  See Exhibit A in Whitepaper PDF
  • Reporting by user-friendly “Tag” name, which otherwise would be daemon or port@host, which can be confusing/cryptic.  Exhibit B
  • Concurrency reports (% of checkouts at each concurrency level).  Exhibit C
  • User specific usage reports.  Exhibit D
  • Group specific usage reports.  Exhibit E
  • 24x7 Heatmap report (weekly usage patterns) Exhibit F
  • URL generated reports for casual users (“Favorite” portals with no log-in))
  • Each graph is a picture (.jpg) which can be copied, saved, pasted into email,…
  • Every table can be exported into Excel.
  • Long-checkout Alert and Warning Letter  Exhibit G
  • License key expiration and contract renewal alerts
  • Asset/Inventory management   Exhibit H
  • Contact management 
  • Compliance assurance
  • A less expensive and more comprehensive solution

FlexNet Manager's Advantages

  • Decent for tracking served, floating FLEXlm license “features”
  • Decent for FLEX daemon and license file administration

FlexNet Manager's Disadvantages

  • Hard to set up and use
  • Expensive.“The new pricing that Flexera has provided has forced us to look seek out other license monitors and reporting tools that provide a much better ROI."
  • Limited alert capabilities “... it can’t report its own node-locked licenses."
  • Poor development efforts:  “Ask for an enhancement and you’ll probably retire before you see it in the software.  It’s a waste of time to even ask,"
  • Difficult to create reports.  “They throw COGNOS at you and claim it is easier.  It is only worse!”
  • Report generation is very slow. “We gave up on interactive Reports and now only use a few Batch Reports. Not getting money’s worth”
  • Poor support track record.  “Support personnel seem untrained and incompetent.”  
  • Inaccurate reports.  “FLexNet Manager is simply wrong when reading and reporting on my Autodesk license file”.

LAMUM's License Asset Manager Advantages

  • Complete Vendor, Product and License information including:
  • Vendors, including contracts and contacts
  • Products, cost, tool discipline information
  • PO, deal notes, and cost tracking (if desired)
  • License key, contract renewal “alerts”
  • Track shared or concurrent-use Licenses
  • Product—Feature mapping
  • License Server and daemon information including status (up/down) and support personnel
  • License Inventory, PO History, and Renewal Budget reports

LAMUM's Usage Monitoring Advantages

  • Easy to use, easy to interpret reports with colorful 3D graphics
  • Current checkout status, with URL link that can be saved as a Favorite
  • Historical usage by Tag, Feature, User, or Group
  • Concurrency reports
  • Reports on node-locked/standalone licenses
  • Long checkout and Capacity threshold Alerts
  • Active Directory interface
  • Save reports/views as “Favorite” in browser
  • Inexpensive, relative to FNM (half the cost?)
  • Easy to use and FAST!
  • Installation and set-up in less than One Hour!
  • When you want an enhancement or new functionality in the software, you will speak to the engineer that can make that change for you.

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