Solutions by Job Function

Our Asset Management functionality delivers assurance for audit and compliance purposes, while our rich set of historical reports deliver a data-driven view to guide renewal decisions. Live license usage views, alerts and batch reporting also save software managers hours of administration per week, while providing key data to analyze current and historical usage trends for your costly engineering licenses.

CIO & SAM Management

  • Monitor and ensure license compliance
  • Up to 20% software cost savings
  • Vendor management
  • Audit-ready license reports
  • License inventory
  • License Restrictions on Use tagging to ensure audit compliance

Engineering & Systems Managers

  • Live Checkout dashboard
  • Hundreds of Historical Use reports
  • Denial Heatmaps
  • Automated IT Chargebacks
  • Renewal decision analysis

IT Admins & CAx Admins

  • Manage Entitlements
  • Critical system alerts
  • Checkout length warnings
  • User License harvesting
  • Vendor Daemon dashboard