TeamEDA offers integrated software license management tools for engineering applications.

Introductory Video (1 minute)

FlexLM license monitoring and management

Our key product, License Asset Manager™ with Usage Monitoring (LAMUM) is the best-in-class tool for consolidating software license information, managing inventory of engineering applications and monitoring software usage. Unlike other license management tools, LAMUM monitors usage at the tool level, not feature level. LAMUM is easy to use, intuitive and comprehensive. With LAMUM, most customers save 15-20% on license costs every year

Integrated FlexLM monitoring and FlexNet license usage tracking, as well as Sentinel, Reprise, LUM.

Manage CAD/CAE software license inventory by…

  • Application name
  • Vendor
  • Disciplines (Tool purpose)
  • Server locations
  • Responsible persons
  • Restrictions of use
  • Renewal dates
  • Costs

TeamEDA also provides methodology and license process consulting and on-site user training services to ensure fast, smooth implementation. Consulting services include:

  • Implementation planning
  • License data prep and entry
  • Methodology training
  • Advanced user training
  • License optimization strategies
  • Software development (customization)

With TeamEDA’s License Asset Manager, you get a comprehensive set of high-level management tools.