Does TeamEDA offer a free trial of LAMUM?
We are looking to track utilization for floating licenses, what vendors and license managers do you support?
Our team is looking to monitor engineering licenses in real-time and historically? What kind of reports do you offer?
  • Reporting data available to predefined users
  • Reporting for cost of software licenses
  • Provide reporting functionality, and allow data export
  • Track and notify renewals of software by expiration dates, either 30/60/90 days in advance.
  • Software Metering, identifying time / date / utilization last launch of specific engineering software
  • Accurately report licenses deployed and in use vs. allocatedAvailable license alerts
  • Provide an interactive dashboard to track license access and utilization
  • Monitor, and provide notifications for software expiration
  • Available vs. allocated licenses
  • Associate licenses by count and type to purchase order
We are looking for License Server Access maintained with role-based privileges?

The Daemon Manager in LAMUM allows Daemon to deploy, start, stop, restart. Edit/reread License files, Option Files and Debug logs.

Do your solutions integrate with other tools?

LAMUM can export any or all data to Excel or JSON. SSO supported through LAMUM login API.

Our team is looking forward to growing much larger. Are we able to scale in the future?

LAMUM supports scalability to integrate with future deployed license server infrastructure.

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