Key Features

Our tools help the world’s largest engineering companies organize and optimize their licensed assets

Key features include:

Email Alerts for Software Licenses

LAMUM’s email alerts allow for automatic notification to key team members on critical issues, allowing staff members to focus on other work over routine monitoring, increasing efficiency. Customizable email alerts can be set for a host of key functions, including:

  • Contract renewal alerts
  • License key expiration alerts
  • License Daemon-down alerts
  • Capacity alerts
  • Long checkout alerts
  • Available license alerts
  • Duplicate license alerts
  • Denial threshold notifications
Unparalleled Reporting

Our software simplifies administration, delivers dashboards and reports while providing compliance and audit confidence for the CIO or software asset management leadership. From multi-graph views allowing for analysis of up to eight features simultaneously, to gauges measuring progress towards a goal, to heatmaps illustrating usage trends, to user and group-level details reports, LAMUM’s reporting capabilities allow customers to:

  • Better understand current and historical license checkouts to optimize available licenses
  • Save URLs to allow for offline accessing of custom reports on-demand
  • Run batch reports and receive automated alerts.
24/7 Activity Reports

LAMUM’s interactive heatmaps and reporting allow for a deeper understanding and visualization of license usage and checkout patterns, including identifying peak times and checkout durations. Through these tools, engineering companies can optimize their license usage both by pushing engineers to return checked out licenses and by identifying trends in usage patterns, to predict peak timings and encourage usage during gaps.

Chargeback Reports

To facilitate customers in cost allocations and resource distribution, LAMUM supports both individual or group-level chargebacks for a specified time period, calculated based on actual usage as a percentage of total usage during the time period. Additionally, through LAMUM’s batch reporting on Excel, live cost reporting can take place, allowing for more accurate budgeting and expense allocations than monthly or quarterly evaluations based on historical usage.

Feature Display Names

Through LAMUM’s Feature Name Aliasing, customers can create a display or reporting name for any feature being tracked, either online or offline in Excel and then imported. This feature allows customers to change vendor-given feature names to user-friendly, customized names, allowing for easier digesting of reports by users unfamiliar with vendor-assigned feature names.