LAMUM Features List

LAMUM monitors the leading Engineering tools including: CAD, CAE, EDA, PLM, Simulation, Math and others. Our propietary software consolidates engineering software assets, licenses and vendor information, while providing complete current and historical usage information.

TeamEDA supports the majority of the leading engineering software suppliers. Many of our customers use LAMUM for usage and asset reporting for many software tools simultaneously. You can view our full list of supported softwares here.

LAMUM 10.0 Features

Installation & Setup
  • Windows or Linux (Server, VM or cloud)
  • Easy to install (< 1 hour)
  • On-site implementation services (2 or 3 days)
  • Intuitive User interface
  • Autostart all Services
  • On-line HELP with linked TOC
  • Linux CentOS image vdi/vmdk complete install
  • Single Sign-on compatible
  • Active Directory integration
Automatic Alerts
  • License Available
  • Renewal Expiration Alert to “Responsible Person Only” option
  • Long check-out
  • Long check-out with Warning Letter
  • Near Capacity alert
  • At Capacity alert
  • Daemon-down alert
  • Expiration alert
  • User-definable alert frequency
  • Duplicate License Checkout alert
  • Denials threshold
  • License Expiration Alerts with “expired Licenses” option
  • Renewal Expiration
Usage Monitoring
  • Variable CRON Interval
  • CRON status lights
  • Comprehensive User Activity
  • All or only selected Features
  • Realtime view of License file (features and expiration dates)
  • History Graph by feature / tool / user
  • Feature Name Aliasing (on-line or off-line)
  • Combined-feature Table (shows usage by User across multiple license servers)
  • Multiple-feature’ report (multiple features, same port@host)
  • Variable CRON Interval
  • CRON status lights
  • Comprehensive Averages Overview, M-F only
  • History by User
Current Checkouts
  • Overview (color-coded)
  • Queued Licenses in Current Overview
  • Real-time “gas gauges”
  • By User
  • # times at “max. checkout”
  • Restricted URL access to current license checkouts
  • Detail by Tool/Feature
  • Comprehensive Usage report (short checkouts)
  • “Heatmap” (24×7 usage patterns)
  • Dynamic “path” checking for Debug Logs
  • LMREMOVE (Current Checkout Details)
Asset Management
  • Centralize, protect, and share information
  • Contract/Document Management
  • Contact Management
  • Inventory by:
    • Vendor
    • License Type
    • Restriction
    • Responsible Person
    • Discipline
    • Renewal date
  • Current License Inventory report with total License count by Tool
  • Track license by
    • port@host
    • License file
  • “FlexParser” used to view License File
  • Import Template for Licenses, Vendors, Servers
  • Auto Renewal Expiration Alert
Concurrency Reports
  • 24×7 (% at each level) M-F, 8-5
  • Variable time period
Zero-Usage Reports
  • By single Tag
  • All Tags
  • Gas gauge view with option to show Zero use
Batch Reports
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and YTD time periods
  • Custom time periods
  • Folder or e-mail delivery (multiple e-mail address)
  • Expanded Active Directory fields for Batch exports
  • “Test” Batch Report button
  • All feature Detail by Tag – Tables
On-Demand Reports
  • URL created report
  • Favorite (Browser and “Favorites” Tab)
  • User Dashboard
Averages Report
  • Total usage time
  • Average checkout time
  • Average number of users
Chargeback Report
  • By User
  • By Group
  • Cost Field for allocation of cost in UM Charge back Reports
Denials By
  • Heatmap
  • Detail export to Excel
  • Feature report
  • Tag report
  • User report
  • DSLS denials report
Database Management
  • Automatic database Backup
  • Restore Backup
  • Truncation and Archive
  • DB reduction Procedure (remove 0’s)
  • Auto DB reduction
Daemon Manager
  • Capture and store daemon information
  • Deploy, start, stop Flex daemons
  • Read, edit, reread License files
  • Read, edit, reread Option files with Syntax check
  • Excel in / out
  • Generic usage import
  • JSON (Tableau)
  • FNM data import
  • Borrowed
  • Reserved
Custom Software
  • Ability to customize (NRE)*
  • Custom node-locked monitoring agent*
  • Export to Excel
  • Can be sorted (by column heading)
  • Can be “filtered”
  • Batch: All feature Detail by Tag – Tables
  • Combined-feature’ Table (shows usage by User across mulitple license servers)
  • Heatmap (24×7 usage patterns)
  • Dynamic “path” checking for Debug Logs
  • MSC CAMPUS sub-feature reporting
  • Token Sum reporting for sub-features
  • Comprehensive Usage (short checkouts)
  • CRON status lights
  • Methodology “best practices” training
  • “Change IP” script