LAMUM customers
save 15% to 25% annually
on their engineering
software License costs


Optimize engineering license usage
Effectively manage software licenses with consolidated vendor information
Prepare for negotiations prior to vendor activity
Reduce wastage by monitoring activity, usage patterns and trends
Eliminate up to 50% of unnecessary feature usage and clutter
Ensure continuous license availability
Maintain & improve compliance
Advanced metering & analysis

Key Benefits

  • Reduce license asset costs
  • Avoid license shutdowns
  • Reduce license admin time
  • Plan expenses accurately
  • Ensure license agreement compliance
  • Protect license asset & contract Information
  • Highlight restrictions on use
  • Reporting to monitor and precent denials and lengthy checkouts
  • Chargeback and cost allocations based on usage
  • Exportable, customizable reports, gauges and heatmaps available routinely or on-demand
  • Comprehensive, customizable automatic alerts
  • Best in industry integrated FlexLM features including license file and daemon management, including editing, saving and deploying FlexLM license files and options files, stop/start/restart license manager