Types of Automated Alerts

Are you managing expensive licenses such as Cadence, Mentor, NX, ProE, Ansys, Matlab, among others? Your team or manager may want to get notifications pertaining to those licenses. There are automatic Alerts available in LAMUM for better engineering license management:

Contract Renewal Alert

Get an email Alert 30 or 60 days before a Contract Renewal date.  Give yourself more time to plan Vendor negotiations.

License Key Expiration Alert

Get an email Alert 15 or 30 days before a License file/key expires. Ensure continuity in license availability.

License Daemon-down Alert

Get an email Alert if a License server or daemon goes down.  Clearly you will want to get that server daemon back up and running ASAP.

Capacity Alert

Get an email Alert if all licenses for specified tool are checked out, i.e. Capacity is reached, and “Denials” are eminent. If you are getting this Alert a lot you may need to buy more licenses!

Long Checkout Alert

Set an Alert for critical path tools, expensive tools, or tools with high contention levels.  You choose what tools and the allowed checkout time limit. LAMUM will monitor and let you know if someone exceeds that time limit. LAMUM can also send a Warning Message to that engineer, letting them know they have violated a checkout time limit.  Prevents license hoarding.

License Available Alert

Alerts an Engineer when a desired tool/feature License is available for them to use.  When all licenses are checked out, they don’t have to keep trying to get one.

Duplicate License Checkout Alert

Lets you know if someone has more than 1 license checked out of the same tool, at the same time.

Denial Threshold Notification

Set Denial Threshold (limit) for any Tag/feature for any time period.

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