Innovation in Engineering Software License Management

We have recently had many discussions at TeamEDA about the need for innovation and that companies must adapt and think about the best ways to innovate to survive and flourish in this challenging time. How can engineering teams innovate and optimize their processes?

“Innovation is a good thing, but requires change – change in thinking, change in process,” expressed Guy Haas, President, TeamEDA in a recent conversation. “Change sometimes is hard, but the end result is: company wins, innovator wins. The results of innovation (ROI) is that the new state is superior to the old state – lower costs, improved efficiency, happier employees, and happier customers.”

This has been our goal over the last 15 years of building LAMUM to offer companies a solution to think strategically by using our tool. How can companies save resources (especially when times get hard)? Is there a better way to look at efficiency (i.e. usage monitoring)? Would employees be happier if they have access to all the resources they need to be successful at their jobs? And of course, customer orientation is a priority for most companies.

“It’s been said that evolution of technology leads to innovations in everyday life. So as ideas become products through innovative engineering design, simulation, and modeling, TeamEDA’s License Asset Manager with Usage Monitoring is the gatekeeper to ensure engineering software licenses are managed effectively and optimized efficiently for availability to drive innovation,” explained Paul Riviere, Worldwide Channel Program Manager.

Management teams are often challenged with coming up with innovative ideas, thoughts, techniques and methods. How can previous methods be adapted to better meet new requirements and needs?

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