Why License Management?

On average, a SOFTWARE licensE
is only used 50% of the time
and sits idle half the time

Make license denials disappear & improve Engineer productivity

To properly size your CAD / CAE / EDA / PLM License inventory, you need data on your needs and usage – both current and future. Our powerful reporting and display tools let you easily understand past and current license demands and usage trends per engineer, allowing you to optimize for current and future needs and accrue savings by eliminating fees for unused or excess licenses. Additionally, through our usage monitoring and alerts, Engineer productivity is improved as Engineers no longer suffer license denials or downtime wait for license availability.

Manage & optimize
license renewals

LAMUM provides a quick and easy way to manage your software licenses. Centralize and share vendor information, including renewals, license agreements and key contacts.

Ensure audit

You must ensure you understand your license contractual requirements, such as not utilizing geo-located licenses outside their usage areas and other key details in your software license agreement. LAMUM is the only industry toolset to combine asset management (tracking vendors, contacts, contractual documents, PO’s, etc…) which ensure contractual requirements are centralized and understood, with a proprietary algorithm to ensure a three-point check on actual license usage, providing a holistic view of license assets and usage and ensuring full compliance at audit time.

Prevent license
checkout abuse

With our usage monitoring tools, engineers, managers, and administrators have access to easy-to-use reporting tools, dashboards and heatmaps, as well as automated alerts to improve license usage. Our tools ensure companies can accurately monitor and analyze their usage of licensed assets to eliminate waste through alerts when licenses reach capacity to notifications of free licenses to notifications to track long – or overdue – checkouts, .