Questions to Consider About Engineering Licenses

Engineering teams are looking for ways of saving money. You are probably spending a lot on CAD / CAE / CAM / PLM software. Ask us how we can help you save ~20% of that cost.

If you are hiring more people on your team or making any adjustments in staffing, are you familiar with how many engineering licenses your team may need? What type of license is best? That’s where we can help. Now more than ever you need to know:

  • Are engineers holding licenses longer than necessary?
  • Do you have engineers checking out more than 1 license at a time?
  • Are there engineering tools not being used that you are paying for?
  • Can you improve engineer productivity by Alerting them when a license is available?
  • Are you getting Denials, and buying more seats without analyzing the cause of those denials?
  • Are you late to prepare for Vendor Renewals or License remix?
  • Are you paying more for your CAD, CAX, EDA, PLM licenses than you should be?
  • Should you expand or consolidate License Servers?
  • Are multiple people keeping the same Vendor/License/Server information in multiple places?  Wouldn’t it better to centralize and share the same information?

Ask us how you can save a significant amount of money for your company on your engineering licenses!

Our team can work out a short term or long terms subscription or offer a free trial.

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