Right-Sizing Engineering Software During Staffing Changes

Did you know that you can save close to ~$50,000 on CAD / CAE / EDA / PLM tools?

COVID-19 has forced many engineering organizations to downsize. With downsizing, your need for CAD / CAE / EDA / PLM tools will decrease. But by how much?

In order to properly size your engineering license inventory, you need visibility into what you have now and “usage” based on upcoming staffing levels and what you will need in the future. LAMUM will show you past and current demand for Licenses, as well as trends going forward based on usage per engineer. From this, you can determine your needs now, 6 months and a year from now.

LAMUM will show you:

  • If engineers are hoarding licenses
  • Average checkout time
  • Average number of concurrent Users over any specified time period.

With this information, you can more accurately determine your inventory needs, and potential savings by eliminating unnecessary licenses. Most Vendors are allowing “rightsizing” even before renewal date, but if not, at least you will be well prepared for right-sizing at renewal time. With LAMUM, you can monitor denials and tighten up inventory. LAMUM’s “Available License Alert” will improve engineer productivity.

Generally 3-4 months of data is needed. So if you renewal date is Jan. 1, you should start collecting data Sept. 1. The LAMUM tool will help you better prepare to negotiate with your Vendor, and get the best possible deal.

In this time of uncertainty, you need to look at all options for saving money. Cutting expensive CAD / CAE / EDA / PLM licenses could be significant savings, but you need a tool to help you. Yes you will have to spend a little money on LAMUM but it can save you significant money.

LAMUM saves 15-25% per year in good times, 20% on average.

Today, the savings will be even greater. The cost for LAMUM is dependent on your number of engineers. If you have 100 engineers, you are probably spending about $250,000 per year on CAD / CAE / EDA tools. LAMUM for 100 engineers is $4,000. Spend $5,000 to save $50,000+, is a really great ROI.

TeamEDA is available for consulting on this issue, or please contact TeamEDA and take a look at the LAMUM tool. You will be glad you did!

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