Engineering Software License Asset Maturity Index

Our team has put together a scale of how companies use engineering software licenses. With the economies of scale, you can also see how tool cost per engineer goes down as you move to the right.

Level 1 – Reactive

Most companies are Reactive here. Some have some In-house LMSTAT reporting tools. A script is run and can provide a basic and limited monitoring capability.

Level 2 – Defined

At this level, teams are starting to look license monitoring, basic reports, and trend analysis. These teams may be running scripts in house or have bought off the shelf tool.

Level 3 – In Control

At this level, managers start feeling more in control of their engineering licenses. They are looking at cost analysis – who is using these engineering licenses? Which departments? What about chargeback reports?

Level 4 – Proactive

At this level, managers become more proactive instead of reactive. They have a data dashboard often with integrations (such as pushing data to Splunk / Tableau for further data analysis). These intelligence reports help managers feel more empowered to make decisions about their engineering licenses.

Level 5 – Strategic

This is the highest level. Managers and teams at this level are also often running an integrated IT asset management solution, which helps them make better decisions about compliance.

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